Real Estate Web Site Designs

Written by Samuel Wong
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It's no secret that real estate agents have been using the Internet for years to promote themselves and their business; nothing's changed there. What has changed, however, are real estate web site designs. Where real estate web sites once only contained contact information and perhaps photos of past homes sold, they are now much more interactive.

Many real estate web designs incorporate the area's MLS, or multiple listings service. Access to the MLS gives potential clients the impression of a professional and useful website. When a client finds a home they are interested in, having a mortgage calculator on the site also allows the client to do preliminary research on affordability. Having MLS access on a web site will also ensure that potential clients will be spending an extended amount of time at a real estate agent's site, utilizing all of the related tools.

Invest Time in Researching Web Designs for Agents

In addition to the MLS, many real estate web designs also include comprehensive resource guides. Many of these guides are an invaluable resource to buyers and sellers looking for relocation services. Not only will they find moving companies, they may also find contact information needed to establish phone, internet and cable television service.

Real estate web sites have maintained their ability over the years to promote the agent sponsoring the site. In this age of instant information, potential clients are looking for information that relates to their situation, and want this information to be centralized. As with any other business, well organized information and a user-friendly format will ensure extended stays at the site, building customer loyalty.

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