Recent Home Sales

Written by Samuel Wong
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In this digital age, the real estate agents that were once the initial point of contact for prospective buyers and sellers have taken a back seat to technology. One of the most valuable resources in the past was sales data for specific neighborhoods. Recent home sales help a seller determine the worth of their homes. If a seller wants more detailed information, they will have to turn to their real estate agent.

Sellers generally have an idea of what their home is worth before they contact an agent. With the increased availability of sales statistics via the MLS searches on many websites, a buyer can drive by, and in some cases view the interior of a home to compare the amenities to those of his or her own home. These sales numbers are the cornerstone of determining the value of a home, and are the most-sought after resource of curious homeowners.

Provide Clients with Information on Recent Home Sales

Recent home sales numbers that are not available to the general public can be obtained through an agent, via his office's affiliated title companies. In many cases, a property profile can provide specific details such as comparable sales based on square foot of living space, lot size and many other factors. Utilizing a real estate agent to obtain comprehensive sales statistics gives the client a much clearer picture of her home's worth.

In the past, recent home sales statistics were only available to real estate agents and their offices. Online MLS search databases, tax records, and pre-compiled sales on real estate websites have made retrieving this information even easier. Clients that are more informed make for a smoother transaction, and with the research these clients choose to do on their own, an agent can spend more time making sure all Is are dotted and Ts are crossed.

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