Contact Management

Written by BK Shaw
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The use of contact management software can boost a company's bottom line tremendously. Companies not taking advantage of developments in technology to improve a sales person's productivity are missing the boat and will not be as competitive as other companies. Sales people can waste a lot of time filling out paper. In this day and age, all sales organizations can be paperless.

There are different contact management systems available in the marketplace. Some are better than others, and I recommend that the software manufacturers set up the contact management program and tailor it for the company. Typically, a company will have a sales process; different companies within the same industry may have different sales processes. Consequently, different companies need the contact management system to be able to do different things.

For example one company may sell its product on the first contact with a client. There will be no additional contact necessary from the sales person. However, another company within the same industry may require two or three calls from the sales person. The contact management software will need to be programmed to be able to schedule and remind the salesperson of call backs. It is advisable to have the contact management company set up the program, despite the consulting hours billed.

Contact Management and Productivity

In the simplistic example noted above, a contact management program enables the sales person with the click of a button to be reminded to call the prospect back. Technology lowers the possibility of the call back being forgotten. Additionally, it helps the sales person manage and plan his or her day more efficiently. With effective planning, the sales person will be more productive and make more money for the company.

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