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Written by BK Shaw
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Compensation for different sales forces is managed differently. Some sales forces are compensated on a salary basis, some purely commission and some sales groups are paid using a combination. If a sales person is paid purely on a commission basis, it's unlikely he will be a huge fan of time consuming exercises, which he perceives to take away from revenue generating activities. Dealing with customers and developing relationships can be a time consuming, non-revenue generating exercise.

Some companies will sell products where it is in the sales person's best interests to develop the relationship. Subsequent commissions may be the result of a well developed customer relationship. However, in the event that building a relationship with the customer does not generate revenue for the sales person, it is well advised to have an alternative solution.

The best solution is probably to have a customer service department. In this way the sales person has an option to refer the customer to customer service. Alternatively, upon completion of the sale, perhaps the customer will be automatically assigned to a customer service representative. Although technology has advanced significantly, to the best of my knowledge there is not a software package out there that will conduct relationship building!

Managing Customer Relationships with Software

If relationships could be conducted with software, finding a partner would be simple. The human skills of listening and problem solving are hard to translate to floppy disc format! However, communication with clients can be managed to a degree with the use of regular updates which can be automated. Newsletters and blanket e-mails are useful ways to let a customer know that he has not been forgotten.

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