Customer Interaction Software

Written by BK Shaw
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There are many ways to automate and streamline the sales process. I believe that productivity is increased in proportion to a manager's ability to automate the sales process. Customer interaction software provides another tool to automate the sales process. As with any software management system, it can be tailored to the individual needs of the corporation.

A primary use for this type of software is as an analytical tool capable of looking through a client database to identify sales opportunities. Sales people can waste time looking through a database file by file. If he or she is spending time reading notes for every file, then he or she is missing an opportunity to spend time in front of a customer. Better yet, the use of the software will determine real opportunities based on empirical data rather than leaving it to the whim of the human sales person.

This type of software is not only for the use of the sales person. For the sales manager, it provides a means of analyzing sales performance and results of the organization as a whole. Consequently, he or she can spend less time gathering the data, and more time on making the adjustments necessary to attain desired results. Customer interaction software can help managers isolate problems before they become insurmountable.

Solve Problems of Attrition

This type of software can help a company become proactive rather than reactive. By analyzing data to understand client needs and opportunities, clients can be developed and retained. Automation minimizes room for human error, and consequently fewer things fall through the cracks. The client feels taken care of and stays with the company.

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