Sales Force Automation

Written by BK Shaw
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With advances in technology, a company must automate its sales process as much as possible, if it wishes to be competitive. The ability to generate sales is all about numbers. The more prospects a sales person contacts, the more money will be generated for the company. Any company would want to relieve the sales force of mundane activities in the interest of seeing them make more contacts than ever every day.

It still surprises me to see companies operating predominantly with an outside sales force. Most prospects are busy themselves and would rather take a few minutes on the telephone than an hour in person. An outside sales person driving from office to office is hardly taking advantage of automation. With the advancement in technology, I have to wonder if the sales function could be automated completely.

Surely companies could automate presentations that could be sent out via e-mail. Prospects could review the presentation at a time convenient for them and order products or services online. Companies would contact many more prospects than a human sales force, and computers don't take lunch breaks, so it could be a very productive arrangement! Sales efforts could continue around the clock around the world.

Sales Automation Lacks a Personal Touch

Sometimes the personal touch can be heavy handed. The general public is tired of obnoxious sales people cold calling them. I would bet they'd rather deal with a passive computer presentation than an aggressive salesperson. Would companies lose sales? Quite possibly; but if the generation of sales is really about the numbers, maybe they would make up for it with an increased number of contacts and a global marketplace.

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