Sales Management Training

Written by BK Shaw
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One cannot afford to be complacent in this fast moving world of ours. The information age is truly just that, and if one does not make an effort to keep abreast of the changes, one will be left behind. It is essential that a company makes an effort to train its sales team. Very often sales managers will train the sales representatives and the company forgets about its managers who may require as much training, if not more.

We are bombarded with information on a daily basis and sometimes it feels as though there's always a new technique to learn. Sales managers need ongoing training in the area of communication skills. Sales managers who have been promoted from within should have to undergo training sessions before managing their direct reports. Dealing with prospects requires a different skill set to managing people--especially sales people, who tend to be extroverted and passionate.

Companies in the U.S also have to deal with the issue that we live and work in a very sue happy society. Employees will sue for the slightest reason, and it's very important to understand the law, and learn how to protect the company. Employees need to be counseled in the proper manner, and it's essential that sales managers understand these laws if the company is to avoid costly mistakes.

Who Conducts Sales Management Training

There are very good sales management training seminars that will address issues pertaining to encouraging and motivating sales personnel. If a company is not large enough to have its own human resources team, I recommend all sales managers undergo a human resources training to understand local laws. I also believe every manager in every field should work on communication skills. If only employees and people in general would feel heard, we would all get a lot more work done!

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