Audience Polling

Written by Sierra Rein
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Audience polling is one of the easiest ways to understand the personal reactions of a group of people to a certain product, presentation or entertainment project. By setting up a poll, a company can gain insight into certain elements of their business that may not have been put into light before. The process can also help them prepare for future trends and fashions.

The purpose behind audience polling is not only to generate positive reviews or feel better about a particular project. Polling is about opinions and the power of the human voice. It is good to ask questions that will not only highlight the good aspects of a product, but also about the things that need improvement.

Sometimes the goal behind audience polling is to concentrate on emotional reactions rather than their opinions on functionality and intellect. A training lawyer may poll a test jury on how his mannerisms and vocal tonality affects them and well as how effective his speech has been written to convey the case. If anything turns them off, he can learn from these points and become a more trained, elegant, and powerful lawyer in the future.

Learn How to Ask the Right Audience Polling Questions

It is important to focus attention on writing questions that are to the point, clearly defined, and pertinent to the subject at hand. If the nature of the question demands more than one answer, be sure and outline the options fully, yet succinctly. Make sure the polling system used is appropriate for the audience whether it be a touch screen kiosk in a corner, a paper questionnaire, or an electronic wireless keypad system.

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