Audience Response Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many instances throughout the business world where audience response systems can be utilized, from large entertainment studios to business and sales meetings. These systems are built to first paint a larger picture of the general viewpoint towards a product and then to develop a more detailed understanding of the "whys" and "wherefores." The goal in investing towards one of these systems is to jolt a company into a more informed position on how to increase productivity, develop better products and improve customer service.

Today, the most popular types of audience response systems utilize electronic data collecting machines. These can be hooked up to an array of wireless keypad or kiosk touch screen tools that make it easier to ask questions and get a clear response in return. If a large audience is being utilized, these keypads can be inputted with demographic information on each member (such as race, age, gender, and occupation) that can be compared with the polling data.

Some audience response systems can even provide connectivity amongst multiple business meetings. These are perfect for companies that need to train employees across the globe and provide remote feedback opportunities to multiple branch locations. They can also connect and collect opinions of people who are either ill, busy or out of the country and cannot make the scheduled presentation.

Audience Response Systems Get the Point Across

Just as a teacher would ask students questions during an average class period, asking opinions of professional or regular audience members helps to increase and improve content retention. Studies have shown that attendees in lecture halls are more likely to walk out with a clearer understanding of the information presented to them. By participating in the presentation--sometimes even seeing the results projected back to them--an audience retains more than 50 percent of the information, as compared to a more traditional lecture approach.

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