Audience Response Tools

Written by Sierra Rein
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In order to fully accumulate all the necessary polling data required for an effective business decision, the right audience response tools should be researched and utilized. These tools should be easy to use and understandable to all audience members. If not, false answers and misleading data can lead to mistakes, marketing failures and up to millions of dollars in losses.

The most popular of all audience response tools is the wireless electronic keypad. This allows each member of the audience to input answers to true/false, yes/no, multiple choice and prioritizing questions. They can do so anonymously or through a system by which each keypad is assigned to a specific person.

These keypads can be connected to a larger data collecting system and accessorized with a number of other audience response tools. One of these is a virtual "electronic clipboard" which allows a person to move around a trade room or gallery and answer each question at their own discretion. A technician can collect these clipboards at the end of the tour and download the information on them into a centralized processing computer.

Stand-Alone Audience Response Tools

If a company wishes to offer visiting customers and patrons the option of voicing their opinions, store managers can install electronic polling kiosks with touch screens to take any volunteer information. These can also be used in trade shows and outside lecture halls in case previously polled audience members wish to add a few more comments to their review. Finally, these kiosks can be installed with games and trivia contests to help members improve their understanding of the subject matter and to enter themselves into incentives like prizes and giveaways.

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