Audience Voting Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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Electronic audience voting systems are now becoming the main method by which companies, production companies, and political groups can get a clear vision of the needs and desires of customers and demographic focus groups. While customers can be asked directly to express their opinion during the purchasing process, this method often depends on their particular schedule at the time. It is much better to call in a group of past customers or those who are in the right demographic to become customers in the future, and formally ask them for their opinion.

Indeed, audience voting systems are now a major part of the average business plan. Conventions and trade shows are using them to collect opinions on new products all the time, while office managers utilize them to gain insight into employee attitudes and productivity levels. Polls can be taken on a weekly to yearly basis, depending on the needs of the company, and adjusted to ask either the same questions or differing ones throughout a controlled period of time.

Show Them You Want to Listen With Audience Voting Systems

The simple act of using a voting system in a board room or employee orientation and review rooms can prove to be a great move of showing that the CEOs truly appreciate the opinions of each worker. Holding monthly polls regarding employee conditions, attitudes and opinions can help to establish more of a "team" atmosphere amongst departments. And since these systems can be organized to be anonymous in nature, employees will never fear any repercussions for voting honestly and in a straightforward, constructive manner.

Of course, in order to take full advantage of these audience voting systems, it is vital that the data be analyzed and understood clearly. Misinterpreting this information is as bad as failing to collect the information correctly in the first place. Graphs and pie charts can create a visual interpretation of the facts, but without a good data analyst some of the best indicators of good marketing and improvement opportunities may be overlooked.

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