Cash Giveaways

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Cash giveaways are a ploy used by businesses to attract the attention of prospective buyers, but that doesn't mean they're not legitimate. In fact, it's illegal for a company to claim it's giving away cash prizes, then fail to make good on its promise. But that doesn't mean there aren't other catches to be mindful of.

In most instances, you have to purchase a product in order to qualify. And those contests that claim there's no purchase necessary to enter often force you to hear a long and elaborate sales pitch. The final scenario is that you'll be mercilessly bombarded with ads and have your name and personal info sold to yet another company, which in turn also solicits you for your hard-earned dollars. Why then would anyone agree to sign up for cash giveaways?

The Truth about Cash Giveaways

Fact is, while many cash giveaways amount to little more than pyramid schemes and marketing vehicles, there are genuine opportunities out there to win money. You have to remember that companies apportion a fair amount of money for marketing campaigns, and one of the best uses of these dollars is a cash sweepstakes that piques consumer interest. Corporations must turn to some form of incentive to earn honest feedback, and if cash is the means that incentive takes, so be it.

The company in question need only give away one cash prize to uphold its end of the bargain. And there's no rule governing the amount of cash giveaways, either. Sometimes, the promise of a mere 1000 dollars is enough to lure in curious shoppers who are only too happy to trade 15 minutes of their time for a chance at the jackpot. From the marketer's standpoint, that's an unbeatable deal.

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