Customer Feedback Surveys

Written by Tara Peris
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Many businesses shy away from the use of customer feedback surveys for fear of imposing on their clients. Indeed, it is a common misperception that asking a client to complete a quick questionnaire will pose an inconvenience or perhaps lead to strained professional relations. This could not be further from the truth, as most customers love to share their time and opinions when given the right forum.

Customer feedback surveys have for decades been an effective tool for evaluating day-to-day business operations. In their traditional paper and pencil form, they could be completed in the office or even via mailing. However, the difficulty was getting customers to take the time to respond once their business transactions were complete.

Easy Customer Feedback Surveys

With the advent of online research tools, many of these issues are now moot. Indeed, it is now easier than ever to post surveys and to collect data on the Web. Likewise, streamlined formatting and the ease of the Internet make it easy for people to complete customer feedback surveys without much time or hassle.

The most recent trend is reflected in pop-up surveys that emerge once an online transaction has been completed. Requiring only a few extra mouse clicks, these Web evaluations can be completed in record time. For this reason, their response rates are considerably better than those of paper and pencil measures administered in the office.

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