Customer Loyalty Surveys

Written by Linda Alexander
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Customer loyalty surveys can reveal information you might not otherwise gather from talking to your clients. On an anonymous survey, people are much more likely to be open and honest with their answers. In real life, unsatisfied customers might walk away from your company without ever saying a word. With surveys, you can keep track of your clients' opinions confidentially and improve your customer service to keep clients happy.

Most businesses say customer service is important, but they do not do anything to prove this. Customer loyalty surveys not only gather important data, they also let your clients know that you care about them and want their feedback. Instead of putting your effort into areas that do not matter, spend the time and money making your clients happy. You will gain their loyalty and become more profitable over time.

Becoming More Profitable with Customer Loyalty Surveys

While talking to customers individually might save you money in the short-term, the answers you get from them might not be accurate. Even if customers are honest with you, they might not tell you the whole story. Conducting customer loyalty surveys over the Web through a third party survey company ensures confidentiality, gathers the same information from each respondent, and eliminates interviewer bias. You know your results will be accurate when you conduct a survey online.

Customer loyalty surveys should be conducted on a periodic basis to ensure that the information is current. Opinions change over time. Asking for customer feedback periodically will send a message to your clients that their opinions matter to you. It will also give you regular opportunities to improve your business and enhance customer service, adding to your bottom line.

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