Electronic Voting Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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Despite the fact that many people today are against the idea of utilizing electronic voting systems in the political arena, these machines are utilized throughout business and entertainment venues on a day-to-day basis. Accountability issues aside, electronic polling has proven to be an incredibly effective method by which a company can gather important customer opinions and reactions. Without these systems, many companies would be left in the dark about how their service is being received by the public.

In fact, many times, paper questionnaires are rejected merely because they take too long to fill out! It is a great relief for customers to be able to use electronic voting systems to easily express their views regarding a business's performance or line of products. They will thus be more likely to step forward and be honest about whether they believe a product meets their expectations if all they need to do is press a few buttons.

Perhaps the most popular of all electronic voting systems is through online internet polls. Oftentimes, these promote themselves through giveaways and raffle prizes once a person fills them out. It can be a great marketing option, especially if the data that comes back is informative and well organized.

Electronic Voting Systems in the Workplace

Utilizing digital voting software and equipment amongst employees and during business and sales meetings is an incredibly effective way for a manager or CEO to view for himself how everyone in the company thinks about one issue or another. He can set it up so that the voting process is completely anonymous if he wishes and can use the applications to get a quick count of everyone's opinion during teleconferenced meetings and lectures. He may be surprised to find an overwhelming opinion amongst employees about a specific business plan and could change his mind for the better to improve employee morale and participation.

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