Email Surveys

Written by Linda Alexander
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Email surveys have several benefits over traditional paper surveys. They are less intrusive and more private. Email is more versatile and has higher response rates than paper surveys. It also delivers results much faster than with paper surveys.

With an email survey, you can conduct a linear survey just like you would on paper and transfer it to email. Or, you could conduct a dynamic survey that is customized to the individual participant. Almost any type of market research you can do offline can be done online, including qualitative research, loyalty assessment, and product concept testing.

What Do Email Surveys Reveal?

Email surveys can reveal what is most important to your customers and prospects. They offer a way to stay in touch with your customers even when you are not trying to sell to them. Surveys will teach you about your audience and tell you how you can improve your relationships with customers and prospects.

In order to get the best results from your email surveys, you should offer some type of reward. With short surveys, the reward can be an instant view of the survey results. For longer surveys, you might want to enter them into a drawing to win a larger prize, depending on your budget. Or, you could simply promise them a copy of the results report when it is tabulated.

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