Employee Opinion Surveys

Written by Linda Alexander
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Why do companies conduct employee opinion surveys? Surveys enable human resources professionals to measure performance and improve communication between employees and management. When used properly, employee opinion surveys can direct the way the company operates so that turnover is reduced and the company saves money.

Survey questions can ask anything about employee opinions on the company. They often ask about management effectiveness, the working conditions, and policies and practices. Surveys almost always ask about compensation, benefits, management skills, and quality and productivity. Often, employee opinion surveys overlook factors like employee development and recognition.

Direct Answers from Employee Opinion Surveys

Surveys make it possible to get answers from people who might otherwise be afraid to speak their mind. They might be hesitant to give their suggestions or opinions face to face, but will be open and honest in an anonymous survey. Employee surveys can provide benchmarks for comparison if conducted periodically, and empower individuals to contribute to a company's growth.

They measure attitudes and opinions, but they also open the lines of communication between management and subordinates. Instead of walking around the office and asking questions, managers can get more specific answers to their questions and honest responses from people who otherwise would not share opinions. Plus, employee opinion surveys send a message that the company cares about its employees and their feelings.

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