Exit Surveys

Written by Linda Alexander
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Exit surveys allow you to determine why employees leave your company. Preventing just one employee from leaving can save you thousands of dollars, so the cost of this research is well worth it. Allowing an outside service to implement your surveys increases the employee's comfort level with answering the survey. They are more likely to be candid when the survey is anonymous.

Implementing Exit Surveys

With exit surveys, you can assess employee perceptions about management and supervision. You can ask about training and pay, advancement opportunities, and job satisfaction. You can also find out what could have been done to retain the employee, if anything. This way you will know how to prevent the same problems from happening again.

Exit surveys yield a high amount of useful data. Every company should implement them as they play an important role in attracting and retaining high-quality people. Once you have this knowledge, you can address the reasons why people leave and perhaps prevent others from leaving. You can remedy problems and make your workplace a more pleasant atmosphere.

Another important aspect of employee satisfaction is the work/life balance. Be sure to cover this on your surveys. Also ask about the organization as a whole and the employee's specific department, job, and duties. Finally, get feedback on compensation and benefits, as well as intrinsic rewards like value and meaning of the work.

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