Free Cars

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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No scrupulous person would give away free cars and demand nothing in return. But then, corporations aren't the same as scrupulous people. In fact, many of them do give away cars to people who otherwise cannot afford them or are simply looking to slash their month-to-month costs. How is this done?

The answer is through advertising. By agreeing to have your car draped in a vinyl or magnetic ad, you can receive full compensation for the cost of that car. In some cases, this means a reimbursement for your monthly payment or lease amount, while in other cases it entails driving a company-issued car. In both cases, you're still responsible for paying your fuel and insurance costs. Aside from that, your automobile is fully paid!

What If I Don't Want Ad-Wrapped Free Cars?

If you're loathe to drive an eight- or nine-foot advertisement all over town, that's understandable. Some people wouldn't agree to drive a fully paid Bentley or Rolls if it came with so much as a bumper sticker. The good news is there are still ways to receive free cars. The bad news is, these methods require more than a modicum of luck.

Companies interested in your opinions of their products will frequently sponsor giveaways that include big-ticket prizes. Among these, free vacations, free computers, and other luxury goods are quite common. By giving your two cents on a detailed questionnaire, you not only receive fair compensation (usually cash, but sometimes prizes), you also get yourself entered in drawings to win free cars, trucks, boats, and in some cases, single-family homes and condos.

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