Free Computers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If free cars sound like a bit of a stretch on your credulity, rest assured that free computers are a far more common giveaway. For some people, this news hardly registers a response. After all, the price of fully loaded desktop packages has dropped precipitously in recent years, thanks in part to better technology that continues to outstrip itself month by month.

By some conservative estimates, microprocessor speeds double every five years, rendering some machines all but useless as anything but glorified word-processors. But the free computers being offered online are not all lumped into the dinosaur category. Some companies give away cutting-edge hardware, including top-of-the-line Sony Vaios and iMacs, simply to those respondents who are both good enough to give their honest feedback and lucky enough to have their names drawn at random.

Win Free Computers

You can't imagine that anyone would bother to reward you for your input on computer products, but how else are these companies to gather honest feedback then to rustle up the so-called "Man on the Street?" If technology proves unusable to the average person, it can be hugely wasteful to send that blueprint or design down the manufacturing path. And as reliable as most engineers', developers', and programmers' opinions may be, there are certain aspects of usability that a "commoner" is more likely to catch than a company insider.

Obviously, not all consumer surveys will culminate with your receiving a free state-of-the-art machine. But at the very least you can earn cash for your time while performing a valuable service. Companies budget upwards of millions of dollars for marketing and ad campaigns, usually to determine what you, in a carefully worded paragraph or two, can tell them straight out. That privilege is well worth the cost of a few free computers, especially to a company that mass produces them.

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