Free Drawings

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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You can hardly walk down the street or turn on the television without seeing some sort of ad for free drawings. It's no well-kept secret that people--Americans in particular--love free stuff. Even the perception of a free lunch is enough to stop an otherwise busy consumer cold in his or her tracks and take notice.

Free drawings seem to pop up all across the Internet as well, where advertisers vie for a increasingly segmented audience. If the free drawings you find are linked with some sort of pop-up or pop-under ad, you're wise to proceed with skepticism. After all, are you really the 10 millionth surfer to hit that site? And even if you are, why should that entitle you to win a free car or a load of cash?

Winnable Free Drawings

There are gambling mavens who can tell you exactly what sort of advantage you gain by playing, say, craps instead of blackjack. There are subtle differences as well between following what's known as "basic strategy" and card counting. Here, your relative edge may fluctuate a percentage point or two, tops. But over the long haul, that's enough to tilt the odds in your favor, provided you know what you're doing.

Same holds for free drawings. There are those contests that only a fool would enter, and those that boast strong odds in your favor. Agreeing to participate in consumer surveys, for example, can enter you into contestant pools with a few hundred other people. Compare that with the astronomically long odds you receive trying to pick six numbers out of 45 (and being the only person on earth to do so).

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