Hosted Surveys

Written by Tara Peris
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Hosted surveys remove virtually all of the hassle from conducting online research. With the bulk of the minute decision-making delegated to an experienced host provider, researchers are free to focus on more substantive aspects of their investigations. This creates an environment in which creative research and the use of rigorous empirical methods flourish.

Most scientific investigators will tell you that they like the theoretical aspects of research. That is, they like to read the literature and generate the research questions. They may even like to think about novel ways to test their ideas. Although these early stages of the endeavor are intrinsically stimulating and gratifying, the process of getting a project off the ground is usually a much more tedious endeavor.

The Benefits of Hosted Surveys

Any new research project requires countless decisions to be made. Study design, subject recruitment, and basic data collection are each project components that quickly lose their appeal when they drag on endlessly. Although there is no way around them, there are ways to make them much easier.

For those who use questionnaire measures, hosted surveys are one such solution. Hosted surveys allow your measures to be posted online so that subject recruitment and data collection are no longer an issue. With these stumbling blocks out of the way, researchers can remain focused on the more germane aspects of their investigations.

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