Interactive Presentation Software

Written by Sierra Rein
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Before choosing which interactive presentation software to go with for you or your company, it is a good idea to perform a little research. Not every title of presentation software is designed for use in interactive situations. Plus, some interactive software titles are not built for audiences consisting of a certain number or higher.

The best interactive presentation software titles are flexible enough to handle both small meeting rooms and large lecture halls. This software should also allow edits to be made as new thoughts, questions, and discussion points arise. It must also be reliable and capable of handling a lot of incoming information at once; otherwise, valuable data may be lost forever!

Many examples of interactive presentation software are put into the form of a game in which audience members become part of the action. Using the same keypads or polling buttons that they were answering "serious" questions only a few minutes ago, and audience can test their knowledge and answer trivia questions, compete against other parts of the room, and perhaps win prizes at the end of the day. The results of these games can be projected on the presentational screen while the game is going on, or as soon as the winner is announced.

Using Interactive Presentation Software for Multiple Locale Purposes

Some software is designed to allow people to interact together over a distance of a few to a couple thousand miles. These titles are integral to those businesses who rely on the opinions of employees that work in remote office branches or for companies interested in gathering the responses from people living in various and contrasting areas of the country. A conference satellite feed is usually required to allow this software to work, as are the input devices and computer hard drives necessary to send and store the information received.

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