Internet Survey Software

Written by Tara Peris
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Internet survey software is evolving quickly to meet an increasingly complex set of research needs. At the broadest level, today's tools are helping investigators to ensure the integrity of their online research by providing safeguards against bad data. With these measures in place, people in both the research and public sector can proceed with greater confidence in the findings from online research.

You'd be hard pressed these days to find an investigator who hasn't been seduced by the wonders of online research. Unless you're running rats in a lab or measuring things like eye-blink startle response, you're angling to get your work up on the Web where people can see it. The tricky thing is ensuring that once it gets there, it retains its scientific merit.

Protect Your Research with Internet Survey Software

One of the toughest issues with Internet research is protecting against bad data. Between people who try to complete a survey multiple times, and people who respond carelessly or dishonestly, it is often difficult to feel confident in the quality of your results. Although certainly not a perfect solution, the right Internet survey software can go a long way toward addressing these types of problems.

With some programs, it is possible to obtain enough identifying information from respondents (e.g., email addresses, social security numbers) to block them from participating multiple times. Not all Internet survey software offers these kinds of safeguards, so it is important to evaluate your package carefully before making a purchase. Speak with a consultant to determine how best to protect the quality of your online research.

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