Market Research Surveys

Written by Tara Peris
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The best market research surveys are those that focus on a few specific areas of interest. Rather than trying to cover a broad range of topics, a good questionnaire will zero in on the most germane subjects, covering them in greater depth. This approach contributes to a sharply focused measure that is likely to produce the most meaningful and useful final results.

There is a common tendency when designing a survey to try and include every conceivable question of interest. Along these lines, novice investigators mistakenly operate under the philosophy of the more the merrier, throwing in all manner of inquiries. This approach is problematic for a number reasons, and often undermines the final study results.

Focused Market Research Surveys

There are two main problems with overly broad market research surveys. First, from a design standpoint, a survey that samples many different areas is less likely to be internally consistent. A measure with poor reliability will in turn undermine the accuracy of your statistical analyses.

A second concern relates to how participants will respond to a survey comprised of a random collection of questions. In particular, they may be more likely to skip or misread questions. These concerns and many others underscore the importance of developing highly focused market research surveys.

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