Marketing Surveys

Written by Linda Alexander
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Marketing surveys allow companies to get to know their customers and prospects. Smart companies know their customers well. With knowledge about their opinions and preferences, demographics, and behaviors, you can better serve your customers and thrive as a growing company.

Online Marketing Surveys

Online marketing surveys are simple and fast to put together. After you design your survey, send email invitations with your sample and include a link to your survey. Your respondents and the survey software will do the rest. You don't need to involve your IT department either--online survey software is simple enough so that anybody with basic computer skills can design and conduct a survey.

The data will be collected and tabulated automatically as respondents log in to your survey and complete the questions. You will have results immediately. Then you can view them, evaluate the answers and decide what that means for your company. Having such quick access to survey data will allow you to make changes to your practices almost immediately.

Staying ahead of a changing market is a challenge that most businesses face today, no matter how large or small they are. The only way to keep up is to constantly assess your customers' preferences. Testing products, gathering demographic data, and soliciting feedback through marketing surveys will keep you in tune with their needs. Then you can provide products and services that will keep your customers loyal.

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