Meeting Technology

Written by Sierra Rein
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If an office manager is having a hard time walking out of any business meetings without too much enthusiasm or positive conclusions, chances are he needs to employ better meeting technology. In today's world, how one discusses issues is almost as important as the issues themselves. Without the most up-to-date meeting software and teleconferencing equipment, a company can find itself behind in the ever-quickening race for the top economic spot.

The basic goal behind most meeting technology is to facilitate discussion amongst a group of individual voices. Sometimes these voices can be found in the same room, while other times these voices may be heard across phone lines, over emailed computer and power-point presentations, or through Internet-based teleconferencing machines. Today, most corporations employ a combination of many different technologies to run the meeting smoothly and efficiently.

One of the fastest-growing types of meeting technology is the electronic audience voting system. This can be utilized with an in-house congregation--as in a business or production meeting--in addition to a focus group or outside opinion poll. A central computer collects input data from a number of wireless keypad units, allowing meeting moderators to ask specific questions regarding a product, business policy or future trend and receive an instant opinion percentage.

How Far Should the Meeting Technology Go?

The tricks to purchasing equipment that enhances--rather than distracts--from the overall goals of the day, and to budget for technologies that may be added in the future. An office manager should weight the benefits and limitations of each piece of equipment to make sure that training time and money are not wasted on a frivolous and unnecessary piece of machinery. Since his fellow employees are more likely to have the best perspective on what will improve the way their meeting time is spent, he should ask them about what technologies they think may lacking.

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