Mobile Data Collection

Written by Linda Alexander
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Mobile data collection allows you to create online surveys and implement them on mobile devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. Today's mobile devices can accommodate many of the same features that are available on the Web, such as color images and logos. Collecting data this way is not only cutting-edge, but it can also help you reach audience members you might not reach any other way.

Reaching People through Mobile Data Collection

In today's busy world, it becomes more difficult to reach people each day. The world is cluttered with advertising messages, spam emails, and an excess of information. It takes creativity and forethought to reach people, but when you meet them on their own territory, they are more likely to receive your message and respond to it. Mobile data collection gets your message through in a way that is convenient for your audience members.

With mobile data collection, you can brand your surveys with your logo and include features such as web templates, progress meters, and specialized URLs for your surveys. If you need help, the company will be there to provide assistance. It is really simpler than it sounds, however.

Respondents will fill out the survey and your survey hosting company automatically collects the data and transfers it to a SQL database. You will have the information instantly displayed in graphs or tables. You can conduct the same survey over desktop computers and mobile devices, and put the data together in one place.

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