Online Statistical Analysis

Written by Tara Peris
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A number of new resources for online statistical analysis make it easier than ever to obtain help interpreting your data. From simple issues related to power to complex hierarchical linear models, there are several tools to help you analyze your data. These are user-friendly tutorials designed to help people from all math backgrounds.

These days, even math-avoidant types can conduct data analysis with ease. With several online statistical analysis resources available, there is no need to farm your data analysis out to a consultant. Rather, you can work effectively on your own with the aid of a good tutorial.

Make it Easy with Online Statistical Analysis

Although some people love the number crunching inherent in data analysis, most people dread the blend of monotony and frustration it brings. Between problems with missing data, miscoded variables, and syntax that will not run, most of us would just as soon skip this stage of the investigative process. Indeed, it data analysis always seems to require more on-the-spot problem solving and patience than we are equipped to provide.

With online statistical analysis tools, much of this problem solving can be managed for you. Whether you want to calculate a kappa statistic or remind yourself of how to conduct mediation analyses, there are ample resources at your disposal. Collectively, they make it a great deal easier to slog through the process of data analysis.

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