Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Written by Linda Alexander
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Do you need to conduct patient satisfaction surveys? If you work at a hospital or in a doctor's office, chances are you do not have enough knowledge about your patients and their opinions on your services. Periodically doing surveys will help you to understand what drives satisfaction and what factors lead to dissatisfaction.

What Do Patient Satisfaction Surveys Tell You?

Patient satisfaction surveys help you to understand your patients' expectations regarding your hospital's goals and strategies. Surveying can identify needs that you can fill or services you could offer that you do not currently provide. Surveys can help you to develop programs to improve your relationships with your patients and keep them coming back whenever they need your services.

You can also improve the level of care you provide with the knowledge you gain from patient satisfaction surveys. Knowing if your admissions process is efficient, how well your food/nutrition is received, and patient satisfaction levels with visitor accommodations can help you to improve patients' experiences with your hospital. You could also ask them about other areas, such as nursing and physician services, medical testing, and the discharge process.

In today's healthcare industry, providers must cut costs while maintaining a high level of service. Learning what your patients think through online surveys can help streamline this process. Once you have this knowledge, you can work to get positive results and meet your patients' expectations.

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