Political Polls

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Political polls can be invaluable to news outlets, journalists, campaign managers, pundits, and a variety of politicos. They can effectively measure the mood of a nation, or any of its thousands of demographics. In fact, it's not uncommon for a politician's campaign team to use political polls when tailoring ads and messages. Maybe a spot should appeal more to youngsters, maybe the Latino community, maybe Jews. It all depends on the campaign, the politician, and the message.

Filling out political questionnaires is also beneficial to respondents, who have yet another route to air their opinions. Perhaps you disagree with one candidate's stance on diplomacy or another politician's policy on taxes. Taking 30 minutes to parse your feelings can be not only constructive, but cathartic, especially if you're possessed of strong opinions.

Get Paid for Political Polls

A third perk of filling out political polls is that you can make a few bucks in the process. No, that doesn't mean you should ask the pollsters who call your home at dinner time for 50 dollars in return for your answers--just hang up on them; they know you're eating at the moment they're calling. Instead, sign up with a few different market research firms and make known your willingness to participate in political surveys.

Many people sign up with a handful of companies but never specify what types of surveys they prefer. These companies have, collectively, millions of respondents, so if you bail on one particular questionnaire, it won't preclude your working on another. And companies would rather have participants who are interested in (and qualified for) their surveys.

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