Survey Analysis Software

Written by Tara Peris
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Survey analysis software is essential for translating raw data into meaningful results. Unless you're willing to shell out a good chunk of change for formal stats consultation, you must find a way to make the process of data analysis more manageable. With the self-guided, point-and-click options offered by many survey analysis software programs, even the mathematically wary can get a handle on basic stats.

After you've gone to all the trouble of designing an effective survey and recruiting study participants, you don't want to blow things by taking a wrong turn with data analysis. Sloppy analyses and inappropriate or inaccurate interpretation of findings are common pitfalls for novice researchers. The key is to arm yourself with the right kind of assistance, so that you can feel confident in the results you obtain.

Get it Right with Survey Analysis Software Programs

When it comes to finding help with statistics, you have two choices: hire a consultant or look for survey analysis software you can use on your own. Unless you have a healthy research budget, you may want to consider the latter. Professional stats consultation does not come cheap, and it is best to save this kind of assistance for times when data analysis becomes truly complex.

As long as you are in the simplistic world of correlation, regression, and multivariate statistics, survey analysis software should serve you just fine. The key is to think about your research questions up front, and about the type of statistical analysis you will need. Then choose software with user-friendly help menus and point-and-click, windows-based programs. This will make data analysis immeasurably easier and ensure the accuracy of your findings.

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