Survey Hosting

Written by Tara Peris
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The use of professional survey hosting services has enabled many Web-weary researchers to use online data collection services with ease. With the aid of an experienced host, it is possible to obtain help at all stages of the investigative process. This includes survey design, Web posting, and data analysis.

It used to be the case that researchers who used Web-based designs were the Lone Rangers of their day, boldly going where others feared to tread. To get anything done, you had to be savvy with regard to both design issues and the distinctive features of using the Internet. Although the use of online surveys promised a big reward, it also required considerable legwork.

Online Research Made Easy with Survey Hosting

These days, survey hosting services make it easy for just about anyone to create and post an online questionnaire. Some service are offered via self-guided sites that get you in and out quickly; these are good for smaller, less important undertakings. Other sites are full-service stops, designed to cater to the most complex research needs.

These more sophisticated survey hosting sites can do just about anything. They can help you do format the appearance of your survey so as to keep respondents attentive and on-task. They can also provide tips for posting, and for data analysis. These services may cost a bit more, but they are well worth the time and energy saved.

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