Survey Solutions

Written by Tara Peris
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These days, there is no shortage of effective survey solutions. From issues of content development and formatting to concerns about proper modes of analysis, there are answers to every conceivable research question. When it comes to online investigations, however, a persistent challenge rests with weeding out malingerers.

Most survey solutions are directed at the basic elements of research. Thus, they address questions related to the reliability and validity of survey instruments, as well as problems with data collection and self-report bias. Although each of these issues presents its own complex set of challenges, there are now gold standard solutions for most of these concerns.

Survey Solutions for Malingering

A tougher issue pertains to malingering. It is not uncommon for people to intentionally provide dishonest answers when completing surveys, and often, the best solution is to monitor them in person to ensure that they are taking the questionnaire seriously. Although clearly not a foolproof solution, it is among the better options.

With online research, malingering becomes a real problem because it is so easy to take Web surveys. From practical jokers to the outright dishonest, there are few survey solutions to protect against bad data of this variety. Often, the best bet is to consult with a survey development firm for tips on outsmarting malingerers.

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