Survey Tools

Written by Sierra Rein
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In the past, the most effective survey tools were pads of paper, handfuls of pens and pencils, and counting how many raised hands were high in the air. In those days, it took time to gather multiple question surveys and even longer to decipher the results. Today, however, sophisticated polling technologies have done away with these outdated tools and have replaced them with fast, effective and affordable opinion and data collecting electronic machines.

The choice of which survey tools to purchase largely depends on how they will be used and for what type of business. For example, online stores and communities can place web-based surveys on their websites to quickly assess the experiences and opinions of Internet travelers who hit their sites. Store owners who wish to quietly and discreetly ask customers their viewpoints on customer service issues and specific products may wish to place specially designed kiosks on the floor or near the exits.

Interactive Survey Tools Make the Experience Fun!

Many polling systems are built to encourage audience participation during a speaker's presentation. He may stop to ask questions during the lecture and project the audience's answers on the screen to help illustrate a point and allow viewers to watch the results in real time. The moderator can then press a few buttons on his master keypad to ask follow up questions or skip ahead to another issue if he feels that the audience is ready to continue to more advanced topics.

If, however, the moderator feels like offering the audience with a bit of a mental break, he can train the audience on how to use their survey tools as game pads and begin a series of trivia quizzes and brain teasers dealing with the subject at hand. Splitting the audience down the aisle or assigning each keypad with a unique identity can create opposing teams. Of course, at the end of the lecture, he should ask a few questions about how the meeting enhanced their understanding of the information and request a vote on which improvements should be included for future presentations.

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