Trade Show Games

Written by Sierra Rein
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Including trade show games is a good way to increase visitors to one's booth and encourage people to hang around and ask questions about the product at hand. Remember, the goal of most trade shows and conventions is to get people to pay attention to the products and advertising points of these items. By offering them the chance to become an interactive member of a game, you can be assured that they will enjoy their visit and associate your product with fun in the future.

Onlookers are also more likely to stop whatever they are doing and gravitate to a group having a fun time. No matter what the situation, it is human nature to react to a stir of excitement amongst a large number of people. However, it is up to the organizer of your booth to choose which trade show games will bring about this fun and attractive energy and attract the eyes and ears of those walking by.

Trade show games are also effective tools to capture demographic data worthy of qualifying leads. One company used a link system whereby visitors swiped their badges into the computer (including names and other demographic information) before sitting down to play a game and, hopefully, win prizes. This game was carefully designed with a number of qualifying questions that, once answered, allowed the trade booth personnel to understand their audience's particular marketing value.

Trade Show Games Should Fit the Bill

The best games can be customized to fit the company's unique business profile. Thus, a children's product booth can include colorful games meant for youths under the age of ten, while an entertainment company may offer quizzes about famous celebrities and movie trivia. The games can be designed to be time-sensitive or mentally challenging, depending on the nature of the questions and the educational and comprehension level of the average gamer.

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