Trade Show Surveys

Written by Sierra Rein
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Trade show surveys are a sure-fire way for booth operators to capture valuable market data and develop lead qualifications throughout the length of the show. The information gleaned from these surveys can inform booth attendees of certain areas that need to be improved for the next day. For example, if Monday's survey informs the booth manager that most of the visitors' questions were not completely answered to a satisfactory level, the booth employees will be more likely to take the time to offer all the information they can starting Tuesday morning.

In addition to the day-to-day feedback data, trade show surveys can offer a wide range of illuminating information to be digested after the show is done. A company searching for the right audience can find out which venues were the most successful in the past with attracting interested parties and clients. It can also see how their advertising and marketing plans succeeded and which newly displayed products caused the most fervor amongst certain demographics.

The easiest way to get people to take part in trade show surveys is by incorporating trivia and promises of exciting prizes along with the questionnaires. Offering the chance to win a raffled prize associated with the company is a time-honored tradition amongst trade show booths. Some electronic surveys are so cleverly designed that many mistake them as interactive entertainment-based games!

Taking Advantage of the Data From Trade Show Surveys

Once all the information from these surveys is collected, it is important to understand the results and know how to apply them to the next phase of the business plan. Once the best strategies are pinpointed, those that have proven to be ineffective can be ditched to make way for newer plans. Plus, those products that are more likely to become best sellers can become the focal point of the next advertising campaign, while those items that received negative reviews can go back to the drawing board.

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