Training Evaluation Surveys

Written by Linda Alexander
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When you conduct training evaluation surveys, you have the opportunity to improve your training and make it more meaningful to your employees or students. You can learn a great deal about what interests them, what keeps their attention, and how they learn. With this knowledge, your training can stay up to date and will be appropriate for your employees.

Reasons to Conduct Training Evaluation Surveys

Training evaluation surveys also ensure that you are delivering quality services. For example, if the information you provide your employees is useless to their jobs, you are wasting your time and resources. However, if they need to improve on skills in a particular area, evaluation surveys can provide insight to you as to what they need.

Training evaluation surveys also help you to coach your training staff. With this knowledge, they will be able to perform better and help your employees. You can increase participant productivity, the amount they learn, and the satisfaction they receive from the training. That way, you are investing in the areas that will give you and them the greatest gains.

With surveys, you have immediate feedback as to how your training works. If there are problems, you can recognize them immediately and remedy them quickly. If there are things you are doing correctly, you can continue doing them, add to them, and even enhance the experience for your trainees. The easiest and most cost-efficient way to implement such surveys is generally through a third-party survey company.

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