Web Survey Tools

Written by Linda Alexander
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Web survey tools have brought market research into the 21st century. It used to be that conducting market research involved a large staff, lots of paper and pencils, expensive postage, too much time, tedious data entry, and thousands of dollars. Today's survey tools eliminate the time and hassle of paper surveys and travel expenses for focus groups. They do away with the need for data entry and staff members to analyze data and write long reports.

Web survey tools are easy to use and affordable. They have brought the time it takes to conduct a survey down from months to minutes. In a matter of days, you can design a questionnaire, put it up on the web, invite participants to respond, collect and analyze the data, and close the survey to further participation. Your IT department doesn't even have to get involved--the survey tools are web-based and made so that anybody with basic computer skills can put them together.

If You Need Help with Web Survey Tools

Most companies who offer web surveys will also provide extra help if you need it. If you need ideas, advice, or templates for your questionnaire, they are just a phone call away. So if you are not sure that you have the skills to handle it yourself, consultants can come to your office and help you design and analyze the surveys. You will also have access to powerful reports on your data, customized just for your company.

If you are concerned about the anonymity of web survey tools, rest assured. Surveys can be password protected or have a unique URL for each participant. Nobody will have access to your survey data except those you specify. In fact, customers might even feel more comfortable taking an online survey than filling one out on paper or answering by telephone. If you have not yet caught on to this new technology, try it out and see for yourself how simple it can be.

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