Wireless Audience Response Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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In order to become a more involved member of the economic community, a company may choose to employ wireless audience response systems within its yearly business plan. These systems are instrumental in allowing companies to delve deeper into the "why"s of how their products and services are viewed by the public. They can also be used to discover which steps are more likely to improve the bottom line without being forced to sacrifice either employee or customer satisfaction.

The basic design of most wireless audience response systems is built around hand-held keypads fitted with a small number of buttons (usually labeled alphanumerically). An audience is brought into a main lecture hall or meeting room and handed these keypads. Throughout the presentation, questions are either asked by the moderator or silently displayed on the screen for the viewers to answer.

Sometimes these questions require the audience members to punch in either "one" for "yes" or "two" for "no" into the wireless audience response systems. Other times, each person may be asked to prioritize a list of items utilizing up to all
10 digits on the keypad. Because the questions cannot be directly answered through full sentences, it is up to the moderator and lecture staff to write them as clearly and directly as possible; otherwise, mistakes and faulty information can be collected.

The Future of Wireless Audience Response Systems

With the rise of cell phone connectivity and internet technologies, it is likely that polling will become even more commonly accepted in the years to come. Businesses will be able to offer informational videos to audience members who can watch and make their decisions from the comfort of their own homes. In the future, every company will be able to afford voting systems that allow everyone in the building to express his or her views about company policies, issues of fairness, and which direction they believe the company should be traveling.

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