Business To Business Telemarketing

Written by Adam Blau
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In the world of phone marketing, the area of business to business telemarketing is rapidly expanding. Due partly to the ever-fluid number of small businesses and partly to the advent of the residential "Do Not Call" list, businesses have proved to be a prime target for telemarketers. Companies may be more apt to successfully market a product over the phone to a business rather than to a residence for reasons both professional and psychological.

Why Is Business to Business Telemarketing Successful?

The most apparent justification for the success of business to business telemarketing is that companies frequently simply have more capital to spend on products and services than people at private residences. Think of it: if you're selling a product or service to a business, there's a much higher chance that the representative can afford your item, simply because of the company's financial backing. Because of the increased resources, a company representative may be more inclined than an individual to try a newly-marketed product.

As odd as it might sound, another reason business to business telemarketing succeeds is a bit more psychological. A target representative at another company is more inclined to accept a telemarketer's pitch if it is during business hours at a place of business and not during the evening hours at a private home. This way, it is less of an invasion of privacy than a traditional residential telemarketer's call.

We've all been there: family gathered at the dinner table, ready to enjoy the evening meal, and suddenly the phone rings. It's someone offering a brand new product. The rage and so-called invasion of privacy sparked by these calls have caused the creation of "Do Not Call" lists; these are lists of private residences who have removed their phone numbers from telemarketer circulation. Businesses are fair game, though, and a business representative is far less likely to be perturbed by a telemarketer's call then he or she would be at his or her own home.

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