Business Telemarketing

Written by Adam Blau
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A special set of skills is necessary for business telemarketing. If you are trying to market a service or product to a business, you will need to appeal to a different set of ideals than you would if you were marketing to a person or individual residence. The processes are similar and have some overlapping facets, but there are some key differences that should be noted.

Business Telemarketing: Talking to the Right Person

A key issue while business telemarketing is to make sure you are speaking with someone in a position of authority who can make decisions about your particular service or product. It can be extremely frustrating as a telemarketer to explain who your company is and what you do, only to have the person on the other end of the phone explain that he is not in the correct department to initiate a sale with you. Such instances waste time and money--both the company's money, and your own commission.

Corporate structures are often complex. There are often similar positions (Vice President, Sales Manager, etc.) in different departments. As a telemarketer makes a call, he or she should always confirm that he or she is speaking with the correct person in the correct department. If not, it is vital for the telemarketer to make a note of the contact information for the correct person.

It is also important while business telemarketing to remember that you're always dealing with a live person on the other end of the telephone. Even though you are contacting a business (as opposed to a residence), it is imperative that you maintain the same manner of courtesy, kindness and charisma that you would if you were calling a household. People sometimes tend to think of businesses as "faceless." On the contrary, businesses are essentially made up of countless individual faces, and as a telemarketer, you should appeal to each one with which you come into contact.

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