Convert Website Visitors

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The goal of any online business is to convert website visitors to paying customers. That is the goal behind website design or any of the many other strategies businesses online resort to. It is also the reason that so much time, energy and money is devoted to getting a good search engine ranking. The more raw visitors you can manage to get to your site, the more buyers you will have. The better your website, the higher your conversion rates will be. This is the simple equation.

There are many ways to ensure that you get a decent volume of traffic to your website, such as pay-per-click and so on. No matter how many visitors that come through, though, you're unlikely to see any positive results if your website isn't up to snuff. Try and look at it from the point of view of your visitors. Does the site give the right information? Does it answer all the potential questions that visitors might want to ask? Is it easy to navigate and is there a clear sequence for moving around between the pages?

Make a Great First Impression

First impressions count the most with websites. Make sure your visitors see your best side. If your website isn't particularly conducive to online business, perhaps you should think about a makeover, or even complete redesign. Forget weird colors and heavy graphics. It is unanimously agreed now that clear presentation and easy-to-read text are far more important.

Your website, after all, is there to present information about your products and information should be your priority. You might consider using online tutorials to give visitors a better idea of what your products can do for them. Make a point of getting visitors to sign up for further information so that you have a link with them. This has been shown to be the single most important thing you can do to raise your website traffic conversion rates.

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