Custom On Hold Messages

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There is a lot of wisdom in planning your on hold messages carefully, and making them as professional as you can. While you may want to give an impression of a friendly, "can do" company, a message that sounds as if you recorded it in the kitchen before you rushing off to do something else is going to do nothing for your company image. Fortunately, you can get professional help with custom on hold messages that will allow you to strike a happy balance between professionalism and extreme approachability.

Getting the message just right for you business and clientele, though, is only part of the story. Just as vital is your choice of equipment to make sure that your caller hears the right message and that your system works unfailingly. The technical side of your messaging can also be a make or break factor in the eyes of a potential customer.

The Whole Messaging Equation

It's all about how important you make your customer feel. The right custom on hold messages can convey the covetable impression that you care about what your callers think and how they feel regarding interactions with your company. After all, would you do business with a company that you didn't feel held you in high enough esteem?

In addition, there's no point whatsoever in paying money to create a series of superb custom on hold messages if your equipment gives lousy voice reproduction and doesn't get the sequence right. Digital equipment will allow you to control the system yourself from an ordinary desktop computer or even a laptop if you have a late version of Microsoft, for example.

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