On Hold Marketing

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Nowadays everyone's trying to make every second of the day count, often several times over. In business we're always looking for time that's not being used to its full capacity so we can take and make it work harder and more profitably. Recently, some brilliant marketers have come up with the concept of "on hold marketing." This means that when someone calls the company, the time they are on the line, whether on hold or not, is designed to be as impressive and professional as possible to give the company the best possible image.

Marketing Message Opportunities

Many companies also opt to deliver a marketing message or two during this time, just to pique their visitors' curiosity about products available, or to give them some information that will be of use to them. Canny business owners realize that this short space of time is worth the attention of professional marketers because it is a rare opportunity to make their business stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Of course, businesses all do whatever they can to ensure that callers are not kept on hold if at all possible. Life being what it is, however, even the best laid plans occasionally go awry, and it's at these moments that you can manage to use that time that our precious customers spend on hold to deliver useful information to them that they will find interesting and that will tell them why your business is better.

The truth is that a short, concise message delivered to callers while their attention is focused on your company anyway, is an excellent way of delivering crucial information about your business to an already captive, and most likely receptive, audience. It would be a waste not to take advantage of it. You're probably already convinced of that point, however, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Crafting Your Message

What you need is information and ideas on how to deliver your message, what to include, and if there are any other ways you can use the same message to maximize benefits. The good news is that there are a range of digital playback equipment packages that are literally made for this kind of task. They will reliably deliver your voice-over message to customers as, and when you direct.

The same message that you use for telephone callers can be used in numerous additional ways. You can use audio equipment with sales displays to enhance the abilities of your sales staff. Or you can make your website really talk to visitors in ways that the printed word never can. Just providing your callers with a professional and smooth on hold transition can really impress them. Callers provide your business with unprecedented opportunities and it's essential that those opportunities are not thrown away.

Get Professional Input

Some enterprising companies undertake to arrange every aspect of on hold marketing messages for you. They're able to give you sound advice about the content and delivery of your message. If you have a large operation, they can make it well worth your while to customize your message for the different areas in which you'll use the message by giving discounts for multiple locations.

You can even get a range of standard on hold messages if that's what you need. Most businesses, however, can benefit greatly from customized messages that can be directed solely at their customers. Even if you don't like the idea of hard selling to your customers while they're on hold, and many businesses don't, you can still use this opportunity to make your visitors feel at ease and to give the best possible impression of your operation. Even picking particularly appropriate music can go a long way to diffuse any frustration or tension that your customers may feel at being on hold.

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