Mortgage Loan Marketing

Written by Adam Blau
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Mortgage loan marketing is a unique and necessary area for the finance and real estate industries. Because of the seemingly confusing nature of loan structure and finance law to the layperson, it is helpful for a company to have someone explain and advertise to the customer the various opportunities that are available to him or her. There are likely mortgage loan products of which clients are completely unaware.

The Steps of Mortgage Loan Marketing

Mortgage loan marketing can be broken down into several steps. First and most obviously, it is necessary to target people, groups or companies who might benefit from finding out about new loan structures and ways of financing and refinancing. Oftentimes, cold calls may be made to businesses or call lists. Sometimes, a mortgage or real estate company will have a list of potential homeowners or those in possible need of refinancing a mortgage.

Second, it is necessary for those involved in mortgage loan marketing to explain to their new customers (assuming they're still interested) the different opportunities available to them. This should be done in the most basic of terms, so as not to scare away people with industry jargon or confusing numbers. Oftentimes it is satisfactory at the outset to simply explain that money can be saved or tax benefits increased without getting into the nitty-gritty.

Finally, it is time to talk turkey. Up to this point, the person doing the mortgage loan marketing need not even be an expert in the field of mortgages. Charisma and a good "people" sense is often all that is necessary to be successful in the field of marketing. In this last step, though, it is vital that the customer be put in touch with an expert in mortgages who can explain in detail the various specific alternatives for the customer. By this point the marketing aspect is complete and the area of sales has taken over.

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