Mortgage Sales Jobs

Written by Adam Blau
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As unique as many aspects of mortgage sales jobs are, there are just as many aspects that are divined from traditional sales jobs. Sure, mortgage sales jobs deal with large amounts of money and a unique product, but there are many tips that can be culled from other sales industries in order to assure success. The old door-to-door encyclopedia salesman did very well at his job, so it's best not to plug our ears to him just yet.

Tips for Mortgage Sales Jobs

There are old salesman's adages that certainly apply to mortgage sales jobs today. The first and most important one, as always, is "Know thy customer." It is important to understand where your customer is coming from in order to best serve him or her. Has he or she dealt with mortgages before? Does he or she know the different types of mortgage products available?

The old saying goes, "Never assume anything when it comes to selling." This goes for all aspects of the job: never assume you've made a sale until it's complete, never assume anything about your customer's wealth or interest, and never assume that a customer will be satisfied. It's up to you as a mortgage broker or loan originator to ensure that a customer winds up satisfied.

Finally, there's one adage that the old encyclopedia salesmen knew very well. "Don't judge a book by its cover." It is always worth it to take the time to get to know your clients, for once a salesperson truly understands the client's interests, that's when the salesperson can truly shine.

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