Mortgage Telemarketing

Written by Adam Blau
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There is great opportunity to earn a substantial income through mortgage telemarketing. Like traditional telemarketers, people in the mortgage telemarketing business gain leads and make sales through cold calls. Frequently, though, these calls are made to businesses nowadays, as a result of the "Do Not Call" lists that have abounded lately.

Mortgage telemarketing combines the traditional telemarketing field with the fast-paced high potential income of the real estate and mortgage businesses. Because of the nature of telemarketing, though, your job can be performed from virtually anywhere you can set up a phone and get some quiet talking time. Mortgage telemarketing allows the high commissions of loan sales to be combined with the comfort and convenience of in-home telemarketing.

Mortgage Telemarketing and Training

Different mortgage telemarketing programs have different theories about training their salespeople. In some cases, a company will want a telemarketer to be completely versed in the product line and in-depth details of mortgage structure and law. Programs like this will often provide classes for the salespeople and telemarketers to educate them on these issues.

Other mortgage companies structure their business so that telemarketers only need to be knowledgeable about the basics of mortgages. In these cases, the telemarketer will act as a "hook" to get the client interested in the product line. Once a client is interested, he or she will be transferred to a sales representative or loan officer. This allows for positions in which a telemarketer doesn't need to be as trained in mortgage structure.

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