Online Simulations

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Online simulations can be used in a number of settings for business purposes. It is predicted that companies will quickly come to see the potential when offering online simulations so that customers can test their proficiency with any given product, as well as give the product a test drive. Any visitor to the company website can experience how it would be to own the product. While this kind of training has been available for some time for military applications and flight training, for example, business owners are just now beginning to see the possibilities. Simulation has not been used extensively as far as ordinary businesses are concerned, mainly due to cost.

Practice for Employees

Online simulations can also be used effectively for corporate training support. It has been found that learning through the consequences of one's own actions has a far greater potential for success than simply learning from presentation materials. Feedback is an essential part of the package, and can be used by the student to effectively gauge his or her progress.

To define online simulations, it is important to realize that while interactive screenshots may be included in an online simulation, they do not constitute the simulation itself. A true online simulation recreates situations that might be met in business in order that employees or customers can establish proficiency in a given activity with just about any piece of equipment. This has obvious advantages.

Leadership training and marketing are just two of the corporate skills that can be successfully taught through an online simulation, or series of simulations. Allowing employees to practice before they perform tasks in relation to customers can have many business benefits that need no elaboration. This kind of training can give employees confidence as well as raise their abilities to professional levels in a very short space of time.

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