Telemarketing Employment

Written by Adam Blau
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Telemarketing employment makes up a significant portion of many companies' staff these days. Many tasks that used to be the exclusive domain of in-store and door-to-door salespeople are now being supplemented or replaced by telemarketers. The relatively recent phenomenon of telemarketing employment can be beneficial both to companies and prospective employees.

Telemarketing Employment: the New Door-to-Door Salespeople

You may remember a long-ago time when traveling salesmen and women would knock on doors selling and demonstrating various products for interested consumers. Some companies liked this personal, one-on-one approach for their sales. The salespeople would give a voice and name to what might otherwise be perceived as a large, faceless corporation.

Though door-to-door salespeople still exist in some industries, many companies now use telemarketing employment to serve a similar purpose. Technology has made it such that it is easy to keep a record of each customer and place orders over the telephone. Many companies also began to find that by having their telemarketers work from home, they could lower their own costs, thereby benefiting themselves, their employees, and the customers.

There is obviously no substitute for the personal face-to-face relations of a live salesperson. Telemarketing can provide a close second, though. And when you factor in the vast improvement of convenience (both for the customer and the seller!), telemarketing proves to be a very useful tool.

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